Framework7 Icons v2

Original Framework7 Icons was released about two years ago and became great companion for Framework7 iOS apps. But since then and iOS 11 release, many native iOS icons were updated. They became thicker, rounder and bolder.

So it is time to update Framework7 Icons. F7 Icons v2 is already released and available for download at Framework7 Icons repository or via NPM at framework7-icons package

All new Framework7 icons are reworked and redesigned. They are now 56x56 (28px@2x) square size, so all icons are same size now and it is a way more easier to fit them into your design.

There are also over 80+ new icons in v2 collection.

Here is, for comparison, some of v1 and v2 icons:


In terms of usage nothing changed, it is still the same icon font with ligatures support:

<i class="f7-icons">home</i>

But if you need to just grab few icons, you can always use their's source SVG images

Usage With Framework7 v1-v3

Framework7 v1-v3 was designed to be used with v1 icons that were designed with 25px icon size in mind. v2 icons supposed to be used with 28px size, so make sure you have set/overwrite icon size to 28px (set icon font-size: 28px). Also in v1 icons, all icons have various width, and in v2 they are all same width, this may require some extra tweaks.

Get Framework Icons v2

You can download icon font and its available assets at Framework7 Icons repository:


If you love Framework7, you can support project by donating or pledging on Patreon: